Tuesday, 22 October 2013

School Life

Year six

I know year six seems like a big number, but it's not .  The changes are only better like you get to go to lunch early and more responsibility.  The down side we have only a little time for brake.  Apparently we are the noisest class that our year six teacher has ever had and we are proud.  Growing up in CGPS went so fast like I was in year 3 yesterday and now I'm in year 6.  Days run so fast soon we will be in high school.  


My personal favourite club is gymnastics.  I myself do gym club at lunchtime and its's been very good so far (joined since year 4).  There are also other clubs like Journalisim, Tennis and Grils football ect.
Table tennis is one of the good clubs after school.  Don't start me on the lunch time clubs there is a gigantic variety of them.  Monday: Yoga and Blog.  Tuesday: Gym and Blog.  Wednesday: Art.  Thursday: Film.  Friday: Gym and Film. 

That is for today see you next time.

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