Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Me and my friends

                                                                         My friends 
My friends help me, my friends respect me. Friends do everything for or with me, I respect them I'm proud to have them in my life.  We do every thing with each other, we stick by each others side. Never gonna bring me down never gonna bring each other down.  We cry and laugh together to get through it, we bring smiles to each others faces.  We all have our up's, we have our downs no one will ever split us. Even though we say mean things and hit we do not mean them. Crying and laughing is the best thing about friendship, honesty and care is the thing that keeps us together. 

This is about my friend Zoe.


  1. Your amazing Milly

  2. What about u lol

    1. Yeah !!!!!!!!! Emily what about you !!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  3. Hi milly how are u and I like how u write about zoe not being mean mills and what about all your other firends milly because they are going to read it and there are going to say what about me you are going to get a lot of messages saying what about me mills.

  4. I don't get it the title says me and my friends but at the end it says this is about my friend zoe ??????//


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