Friday, 18 October 2013

Facts about me also Jessie J

                     Information on me Molly also Jessie J.
                                    Things about me!!!
AS its my first time writing a blog please comment and be kind.  I hope you like it?

I love my pets manly my cats called Tiny,Felix,Sooty. Also I have a Hamster called, Nugget and about 22 fish. My mum is called, Kerry my dad is Called, Russell my brother is called Charlie.My favourite animal is cats and dogs.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMAL?!!  
Jessie J or should I say Jessica Ellen Cornish.  Born in Red Bridge,England.  Claim to fame as a singer one of her songs are 'Do it like a dude'   She went through high school and channelling down her talent again when completed her study at the Brit School and joining an all girl group.  As she has a irregular heart beat and at age 18 she had a minor heart stroke. Her first proper song was when she was with Gut Records. 

Some questions for you to answer:
What's your favourite colour?
What laptop do you think is the best?
Please look at my friends blog posts please there brilliant to.
Don't forget what is your favourite animal is? 


  1. colour, blue and purple
    laptop, a apple mack
    and yes look at my blog


  3. Skye you like Jessie how come you did not like my then

    1. Sorry kye it was getting late I was tired soz


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