Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My weekend

Every weekend I go to California cliffs, because my mum has brought a caravan there.  She brought it, because my mum thought I need more friend out side of school. That didn't really work, because I still don't make a lot friends, but I sometimes bring friends with me so I don't stay inside so much and I have someone to do thing's with like playing football,going to the amusements,taking the dogs out for walk's and going to the Beach.  At the caravan my auntie and uncle have a caravan there and they take there dog poppy.  mollie (my dog) and poppy always play together and fight with each other over food and toys.  Well I guess that what dogs do. Sometime's me my mum and my sister and my dad go round there's for diner.  Last week we had homemade curry and pork for diner.  Everything went except the pork, because my sister has recently became a vegetarian so she only ate the samosa's and the rice, but I ate most of the pork and had the rest the next day for lunch.  My mum brought her first caravan, but it a a few major problem's so my mum went hunting for a new one with my auntie and eventually they found a 3 bedroom caravan with a veranda decking at the side of the caravan.  My mum didn't tell me how much it exactly cost but I think it was about £13,000 and £500 for the veranda.  The sales man told us that our old caravan could be sold in about 1 week. My mum forgot to got something from the old caravan on the day we moved and I went to get and there was someone already viewing the caravan. If felt kind of weird just walking into my old caravan and seeing someone viewing it and thinking about buying it. He did by it and within 2 week's he noticed the problems and up graded to a different caravan and it is still on sale near it's original spot.  California cliffs used to be open for 9 months, but it is now open 11 months.  The shop shut's at it normal month like the pool.  California cliffs is now open via Christmas and you can get a Christmas diner and a present for a set price.


  1. To much written jack writ less

    1. i like to write so no i will not write less i will write more


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