Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bye Bye

To Catton Grove Primary School

It is the end then... Year 6 is over. Being at my school, Catton Grove Primary School, it has been a pleasure. I am going to miss everyone so much. I hope all the staff and children have lots and lots of fun. I am going to miss just everything about the school! I just can’t explain it any better! (Can’t think, too sad!)I hope everyone has a great time learning, having fun and other things (I couldn't think of anything else. *Smiles*). I don’t know really what else to say, just I am really sad to leave and I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO HIGH SCHOOL! (No offense...) I will be back though Catton Grove! Muhahaha! (*Evil Laugh*)

Much love from your very amazing, awesome, smart, cleaver, brilliant, talente... okay I’ll stop. Much love from one of your special pupils,

(It doesn't end. Bye bye my great young friend, Noah. Will never forget you and your amazing family! I am sure you will enjoy your new school! Lots of love,

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