Monday, 8 July 2013

100wc The Hunger Games Promos

As I walked out of district thirteen to go hunting the rusty gate creaked and slammed behind me as I heard someone shouting my name as if I wasn't allowed it was haymitch. He was shouting me to stop because I was going to do one of my special promos for the capital because of the rebellion I haven’t had time to look after mum and prim. I asked him if we could film after I had been hunting and he said that they wanted a shot of me hunting so I agreed. I sung the hanging tree a song my dad taught me.


  1. I like your ideas how you brought the paragraph together and how you said about singing to a tree.

    Try to improve your some of your scentences, by adding a WOW WORD.You can do this by getting rid of
    Some words you don't need that much like and.

    I thought it was Extremely good though like I was in the story.
    Vanessa 6m cgps.

    1. i didn't say about singing to a tree the hanging tree is a song

  2. Hi Natasha,

    Although I haven't read the Hunger Games, I enjoyed reading your 100wc entry. You have chosen some words carefully, such as creaked and slammed. Maybe you could have described how you felt when you were asked to be filmed?

    Mr Connor
    Team 100wc


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