Wednesday, 30 May 2012

400m agony

At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, in the 400m race Derek Redmond tore his hamstring. 150m in the race he felt a searing pain in his leg, so he went down. 

After a few seconds he got up and continued the race. 

Derek's dad came to him and helped him. Derek's dad walked some of the way, but then let him go, so Derek could finish the race on his own. 

When Derek crossed the finish line he got an ovation from 65,00 people.

Derek said, "if you don't give up you cant fail."

Through the determination of this amazing athlete, it just goes to show that anything is possible. 


  1. We've been learning about derek redmond and how his dad helped him across the line too!!!:0 from joe and alfie glen hills

  2. adam here i have been learning about derek redmond to from catton grove primary school

  3. i like what you have wrote about the olympics and your puncuation.

  4. hi, I am Arbab from cheetham community academy. I think your writing is really good! Have you heard of Oscar Pistorious? we have learnt about him in P4C.

  5. did dereks dad came in and help him across the line because he went 400m that is very very long

  6. i liked this writing but have you heard of oscar pistorius
    my name is sulayman and im from cheetham community school

  7. cool man grate intro

  8. i liked this writing it was good i am from cheetham community school(acdemy) my name is shujaat i am good at sports but also writing reading and maths. When i struggle with things i keep calm making sure that I will suceed

  9. Hi my name is Hamza im from cheetham community academy
    i like this because it says to people don't give up.


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