Monday, 3 February 2014


Hello, My Fans, Stalkers & Ect....  We had Prom/Disco Thingy Bob as you know I went with Merryn and....yeah we broke up, because she was ignoring for some reason & personal reasons ^-^.  Now me & Merryn are a perfect couple just like Dillon & the laptop,who were kissing together together earlier O.O.  Our relationship is not perfect >.< Because I'm the one who is trying to make this relationship work I hug she just stays still doing nothing.  As I said no relationship is perfect.  I'm Craving for chicken....Don't judge me.....I WUV U MERRY BO BO.  If you like my posts or stuff like that comment to become A BLUE WAFFLER.  That's what I call my fans or sometimes SLAVES ¬-¬.  Joking :-).  Merry you My World.  So Ya Cya.  

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