Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The two demon brother!!

The forest was a dark and gloomy place.  The forest is not a place to play, because there is knifes all over the sloppy,muddy turf.  The turf is so muddy that you will sink into it.  It smells disgusting like dead bodies.  laying a cross the floor.

When the wind blows you can taste the mud.  Scott and Mark both went off and ran into the forest.  Mark was a find boy with intelligent.  Scott was a fine boy he knew what he was doing, but Mark didn't know what he was doing.

Mark and Scott both went out into the forest when they where in the forest they saw a dead person on the floor.  They checked the pockets of the person and they found a key so they carried on frew the woods and found a door!  They didn't open it for safety. 

Mark and Scott had some one following them they didn't know who it was so they carried on walking frew and then they found claw marks on the trees.

When they carried on walking they had a problem who ever was behind then them they started to get chested by the person behind them but when they got so far into the  forest they ended up at a dead end.  they don't know what to do!

They went back to the open the door and a load of animals came out Scott had to rescued his brother from the animals.

When Scott tired to rescued Mark but Scott Died...  

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