Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Despicable Me 2: Review

Hallo, Blue Wafflers & stalkers & Emily's I Am DOING A REVIEW ABOUT DESPICABLE ME 2.  Ok most of you have seen the first Despicable Me.  It a great movie & I also got the minion case for my iPhone & it's pretty awesome.  It's a great family movie I have watched it over 5 times.  This movie would be rated by me ermmm.... 9/10 maybe.  9/10 Is a very good rating for me because most of the movies I watch are pretty rubbish .-. Maybe It's because the have ponies pooing glitter.  Jokes.  My favorite character in the whole movie would be Dave .  I don't know why?  If you don't know who Dave is he is one of the minions.  Funny moments?  When Gru was in the cake shop with his minions one of the minions looked at Lucy & fell in-love with her _ Comment down what you think About this shamazing Movie

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