Thursday, 6 February 2014

Blood Sucking Demons

Frighting, Difficult, And Deadly.  Three people fight go to Africa to fight scull crunching, blood sucking demons.Also there fighting for a place to become the one and only demon hunters in whole world.
                             ONLY 2 PEOPLE CAN SURVIVE.  
"Africa sis's" Jake exclaimed
"Its cool year but I don't want to come here to fight people on holiday maybe."
"Even though its dreamy here lets save some people"Announced Kelsey.
"Its not to dreamy here actually."

So off they went into the woods as they got deeper in the wood signs appeared like gouges in the bark.      
"Are them markings from demons...or what?" Jake asked

AS they got half way in the forest they saw a dead body but not only it was dead its blood as bean  drained.
"I don't think the demons are normal i think they drain your blood." Commented Jake 

Without Warning, BANG behind them in the little village  something exploded. 
What though?
                                 The End.
                                              Or is it?

No its not.

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