Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How to build a jet gun on BLACK OPS 11


To build a jet gun looks very simple but its actully not, you  have to go through mist which is coverd in creepers, which can kill you but you can kill them by pressing r 3 rapidly to kill them.
any way im sure people who play black ops 2 no how to build a turbine if not please comment and ask and ill be happy to tell you.and once you have belt the turbine you press up arrow to use then press shoot button neer the metall doors. take the buss till you are neer a tunnle whith no mist because thats the mane part,it will be neer  the cars somewear or where it is on the video. any way to build the jet gun you go yo toun if it tells you rong this video tell me and ill say the acull way.

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