Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Hated Person:
By Alice

With only one enigmatic opening, cruelty, they're a scorched wooden locker.

Sharp, they’re the dangerous edge of a fox's claw, slowly scratching the mud-laden track.

Harsh and long, when a harmful wind clashes madly past your face, they’re a wicked winter, where cold snow climbs up your leg like a hairy spider.

After the saddened sun sinks behind the hills, they’re the time when a sudden darkness reigns the jet-black sky, scaring all that salutes it’s evil eye.

Although all that fears it bows to it.


  1. Really good, well done!!

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  3. i think you have done really well

  4. well done alice i think its really good work

  5. Thanks to everyone that has commented!


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