Monday, 23 September 2013

Don't Rat On a Mouse

Don't badger a groundhog.
Don't swallow a grouse.
Don't bulldog a poodle.
Don't rat on a mouse.

Don't parrot a peacock.
Don't buffalo moose.
Don't hawk a flamingo
Don't duck from a goose.

Don't ferret out weasels.
Don't crab at a shark.
Don't hound a chihuahua.
Don't crow at a lark.

Don't ram an alpaca.
Don't leech off a worm.
Don't bat at a squirrel
and don't bug a germ.

Don't slug a sea snail.
Don't tick off a louse.
Don't ape a gorilla.
Don't rat on a mouse.

Just take some advice
and remember this clue:
if you leave them alone
they won't monkey with you!

--Kenn Nesbitt


  1. Hi Alice! Good to see you are still posting, I thought you didn't have access to your nsix email accounts now you were at high school. It is great to see that you still do- please keep posting. I was expecting that you might have started your own blog by now! Hope you have settled in and all is going well at high school. Mr M.

    1. Thanks.
      P.S. I like the new backroundy colour thing!


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