Thursday, 21 June 2012

About pets

When i grow up i want to be a vet , i have always loved looking after animals.I've always been into animals since i was about 8.

All pets are very lovable, they need love and attention, also a good home, they love to play and be looked after. Here are some facts about some pets but if you have a particular breed of pet that you would like to know about  just comment the bread and i will get straight back.

parrots: A parrot belongs to any large family of birds that include Cockatoos,Cockatiels,Conures,Lorries,Macaws,Lovebirds,Parakeets,Budgies,African grey and many others.parrots are usually kept as pets.

cats/kitten:From birth to 10 days old the kittens are helpless and need complete care from their mother .The mother helps them to keep warm,stimulates them to urinate and deforcate and feed them with with her milk.

Dog have sweat glands between their paws.
The shape of a dogs face suggests how long it will live.Dogs with sharp,pointed faces that look more like wolves typically live longer.Dogs with very flat faces,such as bulldogs,often have shorter lives.

Guinea Pig
Guinea pigs may live as long as seven to nine years.Guinea pigs don't have visible tails.
Guinea pigs are born with fur and their eyes are open.

goldfish: Goldfish have been pets for 1000+years -dating their way back from ancient china.goldfish have been common household pets.


  1. good but you dont have that much comments

  2. Hello, my name is Hanzala and I also love pets and I use to have a cat which was adorable and was a healthy cat. I also agree that pets need all the attention they need by either there mother or owner. I also like pets because they could be your friend if you dont have one.


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