Monday, 6 December 2010

(Not Quite Symmetrical) Cotton Bud Snowflakes

Our second Christmas art activity from Red Ted Art Blog is cotton bud snowflakes.

On Red Ted's Art blog the snowflakes are decorated with beads, but we didn't have beads, so we used glitter instead. Yes, that did mean a little bit of mess and a sparkly floor for the cleaners to clear up, but was worth it in the end.

We have put these snowflakes up on our class windows so the light will reflect off the glitter (when it isn't such a grey day).

This is what they look like


  1. Oh wow! You class has been doing SOOOO well! I love them. Love the idea of adding glitter. Gorgeous!! And your Swedish hearts... what can I say!! Fabulous!

    Thank you for sharing these with me via twitter!!


  2. These are very good. The ones we made in 4P by cutting paper turned out in a bit of a square shape! Think we might try this next time. Thanks for the idea guys and well done. x


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